AU PETIT PARIS         OUR CARD IN ENGLISH                    
Crayfish bisque 8.50
Velouté, cream of asparagus, poached egg  8.50
Homemade foie gras, apricot chutney and ginger *speciality 13.00
Pan- Sautéed scallops sweet potatoes mousse 13.50
Hot duck liver foie gras pan sautéed balsamic reduction    speciality  14.80
Goat cheese soufflé, black olives tapenade and preserved tomatoes  8.50
Warm chicken liver salad with sherry vinegar 7.00
Prawns ta´cho, spring roll, dressed with soya and sesame oil 13.00
Blood sausage and apple (old recipe from France reinterpreted) 7.50
Chicken liver pâté homemade 7.00
Burgundy snails garlic and parsley   12 14.00
Millefeuille of marinated salmon, preserved tomatoes, pesto and basil. 8.00
Duck breast magret in spicy sauce (sweet and sour) 16.50
Rack of baby lamb (red label from La Mancha) in Provence scents 21.00
Chicken supreme and morels sauce (mushrooms) 15.00
Roast pigeon in casserole, figs and preserved onions 23.00
Sautéed veal kidneys, Madeira sauce and puff pastry 16.50
Chateaubriand and its sauce for one person 23.00
Steak in White Pepper crash 23.00
Tartar steak raw meat specially prepared by our chef 17.00
Tournedos Rossini and its hot duck liver pan fried on top 29.00
Beef cheeks tajine style (morocco) semolina, bulgur, dry fruits 17.00
Scallops and prawns skewer on a bed of risotto and fresh spinach 19.00
Whole lobster tatin style-seafood emulsion-coriander 25.00
Cod filet in duo with brandade (creamy cod and potatoes in Provencal style) 17.00
Hake pave pimiento del piquillo and chorizo crust, beans cream and pistou 17.00
Sea bass filet in beurre blanc nantais, Dublin bay prawns 19.00
Crispy salmon in spicy crust-spinach-preserved orange peel 16.00
Sea bream filet risotto green lemon, fresh green herb coulis 17.00
Wild Sole filets in Champagne sauce Petit Paris 23.00
French cheese plate degustation 10.00
Pancake with orange sauce and homemade vanilla ice cream 6.00
Crème brulée Petit Paris 6.00
Truffle cake 7.00
Caramelized apple with homemade vanilla ice cream and cinnamon 7.00
Apple sorbet with calvados  8.00
Nougat glace homemade nougat with dry fruits and raspberries coulis  6.50
Pavlova meringue homemade, ice cream and red fruits 7.00
Tarte  tatin   apples caramelized on top of pastry and vanilla ice cream 8.00
Crepe suzette 10.00
Griottines in brandy with ice cream 8.00