It's the oldest and most typical bar in Nerja

The house was built in the 19 century, with the building material of those days, bricks, stones and round arches of bricks. Inside there is an old oil mill, which was operated by draught animals.
It conserves its structure, and aso the millstone, made out of the coasts' rocks.

It is decorated with farm implements and old tools.

Take delight in a familiar flamenco show with spontaneous performances of the best guitar players and singers settled down in Nerja, as the flamenco singer Paloma, original and pure Andalusian show.

Opened each day from
9 pm on.

And each day at midnight wait and see the Salve Rociera 'El Ángelus', sung for the Virgen del Rocío.

Bar El Molino
C/ San José, 4
29780 Nerja

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